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The West, with its unique spirit, is maintained by a small number of dedicated folks who consider this land and what it stands for to be nothing less than a gift from God. As such, it would follow that Western artists tend to produce unique, one-off items. We're proud to offer many items in our gallery section that are one of a kind. There won't be another piece exactly like any of the items we have for sale here. Many stores similar in size and layout to us won't put these items on their web presence. Due to our innovative and highly customizable online processing, we can. If you have any other questions about any gallery items, our staff can provide you with all the answers that you need.

Gallery Item Categories

Handpainted Ceramic Sculptures - Donkeys and Horses

Hand-woven Pine Needle Baskets

  Metal Art by Jay L, Tschudy

Navajo Pottery and Fetishes



Handpainted Ceramic Donkeys

Made in Bagdad, AZ on a Working Horse Ranch

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Spotted Gray "Market Donkey" #9



Gray "Lazy Asse" #5


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Handpainted Ceramic Horses

Made in Bagdad, AZ on a Working Horse Ranch

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Bay Sabino Overo Paint #2



Bay Blanket Appaloosa #3



Bay Tobiano Paint #3



Buckskin Paint #2


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Hand-Woven Pine Needle Baskets

Made in Bouse, AZ
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Hand-Woven Pine Needle Basket - 12" With Lid


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Metal Art by Jay L. Tschudy

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Metal Headdress with Stone Base


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Navajo Made Pottery and Fetishes

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Etched Horsehair Bear Fetish


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