Bay Sabino Overo Paint #2

Ceramic Handpainted Horse Sculpture

This handpainted ceramic horse sculpture is made on a working horse ranch outside of Bagdad, AZ. It's a black blanket Appaloosa, and it measures 6" in length and just shy of 3" in height. This sculpture is the Resting Foal pose.

The American Paint Horse developed out of Quarter Horse bloodlines. Until 2004, foals with excessive white markings were not permitted into the Quarter Horse registry. Regardless of one's position on the white rule, horses with Pinto markings have always been a fixture of the West, ridden by both Cowboy and Indian alike.

These handpainted sculptures are signed by the artist and numbered on the belly and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is Resting Foal #2.

Item Number: TRR-BSO2

Price: $44.95

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