Wall Plaque - The Lucky Horseshoe

This wall plaque is handcrafted in Nevada and is a wonderful celebration of the legend of the lucky horseshoe. The upturned horseshoe has long been regarded as a symbol of good luck, and you will see it placed prominently atop most ranch gateways and doors to keep the devil at bay. The plaque contains a detailed explanation of the origins of the legend, too.

These very unique plaques are painstakingly handcrafted, and they are made right here in the good ol' U.S. of A to boot. The overall dimensions are 17 inches high and 5 1/2 inches wide.

The contents of the text inside the horseshoe is shown below. This is the legend of the Lucky Horseshoe:


Legend bas it that on a certain occasion, the devil sought to tempt the town's blacksmith by disguising himself as a horse. However, the blacksmith was not fooled by the devil's trick, so be took a hot shoe from the forge, and put it to the horse's foot! The devil fled in haste, never to return. Ever since then, the horseshoe bas been considered a symbol of good luck.

That's not all, though! Being that the artists who made these plaques are also big time history buffs, they would have never let you the consumer get away without some sort of a history lesson on the Town of Wickenburg. The back side of this plaque contains the following text:


    More than a century old, Wickenburg is a gold mining and cattle town named after a Prussian prospector. Legend has it that Henry Wickenburg threw a rock at his cranky mule only to see the rock break open and reveal gold. This discovery in 1863 resulted in the Vulture Mine, one of America's richest, and a gold rush of such proportion that Wickenburg became the third largest town in Arizona.

    Although its gold rush is long gone, Wickenburg has retained the Old West atmosphere. Stroll Frontier Street with its vintage hitching posts, cowboy statues and "jail tree" still standing in the middle of town.

    Nicknamed Arizona's "Most Western Town", Wickenburg brings the past alive today with real life gold prospectors and cowboys. Cattle, cowboy hats, horses and spurs all remain direct descendents of the gold rush days when prospectors believed that if you drank from Wickenburg's Hassayampa River you would never tell the truth again! 


Price: $27.95

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