Red Steagall - The Wind, The Wire and The Rail

You can't get much more Western than Red Steagall. Red has a captivating way of entertaining his audiences with his good, old-fashioned storytelling. He knows well what he speaks of, too. Red has worked the land as a Cowboy and delights in sharing these experiences. He is the Official Cowboy Poet of Texas and is dedicated to preserving the heritage so many of us cherish.

"The Wind, The Wire and The Rail" is a compilation of Cowboy Songs and Cowboy Tales that chronicle the arrival of modern ranching practices to the American West. The wind was brilliantly harnessed to draw water for the stock, which could then be improved and managed better thanks to the arrival of the Wire. The arrival of the railroads to the more remote ranching centers and cowtowns eliminated the need for costly, difficult cattle drives. Folks were all but certain that these changes would destroy the Cowboy way of life, but the Cowboy was far too tough to be licked. Things changed some, but the storied tradition of tending to the land and the stock is what it is. Reports of the demise of the West have always been greatly exaggerated, and we hope this album lets you celebrate this fact. This is a traditional Western album, and as such it contains several talk tracks in addition to the wonderful music. Enjoy!

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 The Wire And The Rail

2 Texas Silver Zephyr
  3 McCorkle and the Wire

4 The Wind in the Wheel
  5 Six Thousand Miles of Wire
  6 Muley Was a Railroad Man
  7 From The Old Mill
  8 No One But God Feels His Pain
  9 The Code of the West Hasn't Changed
  10 How Green Was The Grazin' Back Then


Compact Disc

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