Raven Singer

Ian Tyson

Raven Singer is Ian Tyson's long-awaited new album, the second one to feature his self-proclaimed "raven" voice. His voice may have changed, but the powerful lyricist we in the west love so much is still very much alive and well. The signature song off of this album is sure to be Saddle Bronc Girl, written about British Columbia's very own Kaila Mussell. It's all new material for Ian this time around, and it is a delightful album.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Charles Goodnight's Grave 
  2 The Circle is Through 
  3 Rio Colorado 
  4 Under African Skies 
  5 Song in a Dream 
  6 Blueberry Susan 
  7 Back to Baja 

8 Saddle Bronc Girl 
  9 Winterkill 
  10 The Yellow Dress 

Item Number: RAVENSI

Compact Disc

Price: $17.95

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