Belinda Gail - Lass of the San Joaquin

Our friend Belinda Gail joins forces with the boys from Wild Wind to give you a truly wonderful Western album. You're in for a treat.

"Yessseree, if you want to hear the folk music of the great American West sung like it was meant to be then this recording is for you." - Jack Hannah, Sons of the San Joaquin

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 Amigo
  2 Cattle Call
  3 Lass of the San Joaquin
  4 He's Courtin Annie

5 Sierra Nevada
  6 Montana Lullaby
  7 Horse Corral Meadow
8 Red River Valley
  9 Headin Back (To San Antonio)
  10 My Only Love
  11 He's Being A Kid Again
12  Amazing Grace

Item Number: BG-LSJ

Compact Disc

Price: $17.95

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