Soundtrack from "The Horse Whisperer"

Robert Redford truly outdid himself with "The Horse Whisperer". The movie centers around a teenage girl who is struck by a truck while riding her horse with some friends. In an effort to rehabilitate both her and her severely injured equine companion, the girl's mother arranges for her to spend time in Montana with Tom Booker, an old Cowboy who can communicate with horses. Together, all three develop a lasting friendship in a world where the West is still wild and free.

Redford pulled out all the stops when it came to this movie. The casting is superb, and the soundtrack is also loaded with beautiful, authentic Western music as pure as a mountain stream. Those of you who are familiar with things Western might notice that the character of Smokey is played by none other than Don Edwards.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Cattle Call - Dwight Yoakam
  2 A Soft Place To Fall - Allison Moorer
  3 South Wind Of Summer - The Flatlanders
  4 Still I Long For Your Kiss - Lucinda Williams
  5 Dream River - The Mavericks
  6 Slow Surprise - Emmylou Harris
  7 Big Ball's In Cowtown - Don Walser
  8 Leaving Train - Gillian Welch
  9 Cowboy Love Song - Don Edwards
  10 Me And The Eagle - Steve Earle
  11 Whispering Pines - Iris DeMent

12 Red River Valley - George Strait

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