Baxter Black - Cowboy Mentality Plus The Big One That Got Away Blues

Baxter Black is a Cowboy Poet like no other. The former large animal veterinarian is full of tall tales and great stories about the Cowboy life, able to poke fun while showing the utmost respect for the men and women out there who are still trying to "Keep it Cowboy". These discs are compilations of live performances, NPR show pieces, and even short songs. Equestrians will love "Shoein' Pigeye" while the bits about calving will make even the most strung out cowpoke crack a smile. There's something for everyone, and Bax has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Cowboy humor.

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Item Number: CCC343342P

Price: $21.95

Tracks contained on the first CD:

  1 Cowboy Mentality
  2 All Ranch Rodeo
  3 Cowboy Bride
  4 Veterinary Diagnostic Voice Mail
  5 Border Collie Soliloquy
  6 Shoein' Pigeye
  7 Horse Mumbler
  8 Prolapse From the Black Lagoon
  9 Calving Nighty
  10 Grafting Calves
  11 Night Man in the Heifer Lot
  12 It's What I Do
  13 Frank and Flynt

14 My Kinda Truck / Car Wash
  15 Duck and Run Olympics
  16 Cajun Dance
  17 Keep it Cowboy

Tracks on Disc Two:

1 The Big One That Got Away Blues
  2 Hunter's Son
  3 Diana, Goddess of the Hunt
  4 Deer Rasslin'
  5 Goose Season
  6 Chicken Run
  7 Demon Chili
  8 Hunting Camp Cook
  9 Outfitters Jerky
  10 Elk Hunt
  11 Visiting Dogs
  12 Ol' Rookie
  13 Wilderness Wall
  14 The Toast
  15 Trouting
  16 Perfect Gift
  17 Cowboy Ghost Story
  18 Cowboy's Curse

Item Number: CCC343342P

Compact Disc

Price: $21.95

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