Fiddlin' Johnny - Cowboy Legacy

This collection resurrects authentic Cowboy fiddle tunes from over a century ago, played on historically correct instruments. Johnny and his band breathe new life into these old time cowboy classics and give the listener a real taste of what authentic Cowboy music was like. Like Bluegrass, most Cowboy fiddle tunes do not have a definitive origin, but have been passed down just as they are.

 The album comes with very lengthy liner notes that give a detailed history of the origins of this uniquely American form of music.

Tracks contained on the CD:
  1 Shuckin' The Bush
  2 The Plainsman
  3 Over The Waves
  4 Hotfoot
  5 Tom and Jerry
  6 Golden Fiddle Waltz
  7 Sally Goodin

8 Lime Rock
  9 Kelly Waltz
  10 Dusty Miller
  11 Bees Wings Hornpipe
  12 Luzenda Waltz
  13 Forked Deer
  14 Old Sport
  15 The Last Waltz
  16 Durang's Hornpipe

Item Number: MRC401442P

Compact Disc

Price: $17.95

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