Marty Robbins - 16 Biggest Hits

Marty Robbins is one of many Arizona Natives that does the entire state proud. His wide-ranging and lengthy career was filled with chart-topping performances. Whether it was general pop standards or that wonderful pure country sound, Marty kept them coming right up to his death in 1982. This collection covers fifteen of his #1 hits as well as the last song he ever recorded, "Some Memories Just Wont Die." Thanks to this disc,  Marty Robbins' memories will never die. The original recordings have been remastered using high-definition digital equipment.

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 I'll Go On Alone
  2 Singing The Blues
  3 A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation
  4 The Story Of My Life
  5 Just Married
  6 El Paso
  7 Don't Worry
  8 Devil Woman
  9 Ruby Ann
  10 Begging To You
  11 Ribbon of Darkness
  12 Tonight Carmen
  13 I Walk Alone
  14 My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
  15 Among My Souvenirs
  16 Some Memories Just Won't Die

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