Victorinox Swiss Army Knives


When it comes to offering a ton of tools in a small package, the Craftsman does not disappoint. Aimed at those of us who enjoy working in the shop or want to be ready if something crops up, the Craftsman is sure to delight everyone from shadetree mechanics to that person who shall remain nameless that spends all night in their workshop.

This knife contains the following features:

- Large Blade

- Small Blade

- Philips Screwdriver

- Can Opener with Small Blade Screwdriver (The Small Blade Works in Philips Screws, too)

- Bottle Opener

- Large Blade Screwdriver

- Wire Stripper

- Reamer

- Key Ring / Lanyard

- Tweezers

- Toothpick

- Scissors

- Multipurpose Hook

- Wood Saw

- Chisel / Scraper

- Nail File and Nail Cleaner

- Metal File

- Fine Screwdriver

- Pliers with Wire Cutter and Terminal Crimper

Item Number: 53721

Price: $78.95

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