Wickenburg Mining Company

The Famous Mining Cart

Stone Assortments

Always a favorite, the Mining Cart contains an assortment of stones from all over the world. If you aren't near the store but still want to have a piece of mining history, let us fill up a bag for you.

We offer two bag sizes. The small size measures two inches across and three inches deep. The larger size is three inches across and four inches deep.

The assortment of stones in the mining cart consists of the following:

- Iron Pyrite ("Fool's Gold")

- Sodalite

- Quartz Crystal

- Agate

- Amethyst

- Aventurine

- Dyerite Granite

- Rainbow Quartz

- Red Jasper

- Rose Quartz

- Hematite

- Zebra Jasper

Size Dimensions Price Add
Small 2" X 3" $3.99
Large 3" X 4" $6.99

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