3' X 5' Nevada State Flag

Commercial-Grade Nylon Construction

This commercial-grade flag measures the standard 3' tall and 5' across. Backed by a heavy canvas heading, full brass grommets, and its sturdy 100% Nylon fabric, this flag will stand up to years of abuse.

Fun Facts About the Nevada State Flag

The Nevada Flag was officially adopted in 1929, the end result of a flag contest that was held in 1926. The contest winner was Louis Shellback III. The design was slightly modified by the legislature before final approval.

"Battle Born" is on the flag because Nevada was admitted to the Union in the midst of the Civil War.

The sprigs below the star are sagebrush, the official state flower of Nevada.

The placement of "Nevada" was not clarified in Nevada statutes until 1991.

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Price: $41.95

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