3' X 5' Colorado State Flag

Commercial-Grade Nylon Construction

This commercial-grade flag measures the standard 3' tall and 5' across. Backed by a heavy canvas heading, full brass grommets, and its sturdy 100% Nylon fabric, this flag will stand up to years of abuse.

Fun Facts About the Colorado State Flag

The Colorado flag was adopted June 5, 1911, and was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson.

The blue in the flag, which mirrors that of the flag of the United States, symbolizes the blue skies. The gold disc symbolizes mineral riches, with the red "C" marking the reddish Colorado river water.

The definition of the flag was clarified in 1929, putting to rest issues surrounding the proper size of the red C, the gold disc, and the proper colors of both those items. The last clarification on the flag came in 1964, then the State Legislature stipulated that the gold disc match the height of the center stripe.

Item Number VFF-35222060

Price: $41.95

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