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If you've been to our store, you've already met DeeDee. There' a lot more than just her when it comes to Animal helpers, ambassadors, and mascots, though. Why not have a look around and get to meet the whole crew?





Meet Bailey - The Old Livery Equine Mascot

AQHA Registered Bay Gelding "Legacys Legendary"

Peppy San / Doc Bar Lines

Bailey has been with us from our start into horses, and we couldn't have asked for better. Bred for Cutting, he had other ideas. He wound up working as a Stallion for a while and ultimately was trained as a Trail Horse, a job he's more than happy to do. He's smart as all get-out and built like a tank, just as Doc Bar bred horses are.

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New Arrivals at the Ol' Corral

Folks have been looking for us to put up pictures of the new additions to the Old Livery Herd. Bailey has two new Equine friends to help train. We'll keep things updated on here as they settle into the herd and their training (physical as well as mental) progresses.


AQHA Registered Sorrel Mare "Tivios Sizzlin Jin"

Jenny was a Wickenburg Saddle Club Champion. She's done Gymkhana and dabbled in a few other things. She's calmed down quite a bit and is progressing nicely with her training. We even got her to overcome her camera fear!

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"A Good Saddlehoss"

Sorrel Gelding

Henry was part of Jenny's old herd, and neither one would've ever let us take their buddy without them coming along for the ride. He worked on the Maughan outfit up the road for a few years, and now he's looking for a new career as a trail horse. He's plenty friendly, and is looking forward to getting his groundwork down pat.

Henry does not share his herdmate's camera shyness, either.

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Why did we put Bailey and friends on the website? Never mind you horse people out there, because you already know.

Horses are a vital part of our West, and there's no indication that this is going to change. There are still places that are accessible only via horseback out here. Finally, how could it be The Old Livery if there wasn't some sort of equine connection?

It wouldn't truly be the West if all the campfires went out and there were no more hoofbeats from our four-legged friends. Just imagine Roy without Trigger, Gene without Champion, or Rex without Koko. Yeah, we think that's pretty silly, too. 

Speaking of Cowboys, here's your bit of Cowboy Logic for the day:

Free Cowboy and Western Quotes

Just getting into horses? Welcome to the Wild West! With the help of the Old Livery herd and their two-legged friends over at Daily Equine, here's your horse term of the day:

Put Free Equine Definitions on your website

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Meet DeeDee, the Old Livery Canine Mascot

If you've been in the store, you probably already know all about DeeDee. A desert rescue, she's the cute year old Black Lab that probably jumped up on the counter to say hello. Always eager to make new friends, DeeDee can't wait to meet you.

DeeDee was a desert rescue dog. My younger brother Craig found her in the desert way out down Constellation Road when he and a friend were out four-wheeling. She had run through a cholla bush and was covered with thorns. She managed to convince them to give her a ride back to town, where she spent a week at the vet's office getting fixed up.

Outside of the store, she enjoys riding around on the tractor, in the bed of the UTV, and sniffing around for things to get into on the ranch.

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