Speaking of the Chuck Wagon...

No Western Gift Store would be complete without a selection of hot food, and we aren't about to disappoint you in that area, either. We offer the Ass Kickin' Line of Hot Sauces and Spicy Products. We go straight to their farm to pick up their products, too.

Our selection runs the gamut from mild salsas and your run of the mill Jalapenos all the way up to stuff so hot that you need to add it with an eyedropper. We don't stop there, though.

For those of you interested in the all American and very much Western meat cooking experience known as Barbecue, we offer a very unique open pit Barbecue Sauce for your enjoyment.

We also offer unique Honey and Candy products made from the wonderful vegetation that grows in the desert.

Last but not least, we offer the ever-popular Old Fashioned Hard Candies for your enjoyment.

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