Wall Plaque - Go After Life as if its something to be roped in a hurry, before it gets away!

Now, there's some Cowboy Wisdom for you!

These wall plaques are manufactured with pride in Nevada, deep within the heart of the Western United States. This plaque celebrates Western Heritage with Cowboy Imagery and the Lucky Horseshoe.

The text on the front of the plaque reads as follows:

Go After Life As If Its Something Thats Got To Be Roped In A Hurry, Before It Gets Away!

Speaking of lucky horseshoes, this plaque contains an added bonus on the back side. The back contains the legend of the lucky horseshoe, which reads as follows:


Legend bas it that on a certain occasion, the devil sought to tempt the town's blacksmith by disguising himself as a horse. However, the blacksmith was not fooled by the devil's trick, so be took a hot shoe from the forge, and put it to the horse's foot! The devil fled in haste, never to return. Ever since then, the horseshoe bas been considered a symbol of good luck.

This wall plaque measures 13 inches tall and 10 1/2 inches wide. Note that the actual appearance may vary slightly from the item pictured, but that the basic elements do not change.

Item Number: RR-LIFE

Price: $27.95

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