Wall Plaque - Cowboy Coffee


These wall plaques are manufactured with pride in Nevada, deep within the heart of the Western United States. This plaque celebrates the Cowboy and one of the things that keeps 'em going...Cowboy Coffee. Now, Cowboy Coffee is a little different that the sort of thing you'd find in a Coffee Shop. In the heydays of the Open Range, the pots boiled day and night and there was so much beans that had to be ground that the Cowboys themselves were drafted (with a little bribery from the cook) to help grind it all.

The front of the plaque is outfitted with the recipe for Cowboy Coffee, which reads as follows:

Recipe for Cowboy Coffee

1 pound coffee

Wet it good with water

Boil it for 30 minutes

Add 1 horseshoe

If it sinks - add more coffee!

The plaque is outfitted with various western decor, and as an added bonus the plaque comes with a Coffee mug for "Straight Shooter Coffee" that hangs right on the bottom edge! That's not all, though. The back side of this plaque tells you more about the preparations and the significance of Cowboy Coffee in the Old West. The back text reads as follows:

"Hot Mud" 

In the Old West good camp cooks were highly respected. Every cattle drive, round up or branding was accompanied by a cook wagon outfitted to provide hot meals and coffee for all the wranglers. Since the camp cook was busy from sunrise to sunset, the task of grinding enough coffee beans for each day was a time consuming job that the cook delegated to others. It became a tradition that the camp cook would offer a peppermint stick to any cowboy who would grind enough beans for a daily batch of coffee. The peppermint stick was quite a treat back then and even the toughest cowboy stood in line to work for this prize. However, the grinding was not considered work since cowboys craved their coffee hot, plentiful and paint stripping strong. The coffee pot that bubbled all day and night over a campfire produced the high octane "buckaroo brew" that fueled the Old West.

With the cup hanging from the bottom, this wall plaque measures approximately 20 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide. Note that the actual appearance may vary slightly from the item pictured, but that the basic elements do not change.

Item Number: RR-COFFEE

Price: $29.95

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