Sons of the San Joaquin - Way Out Yonder

"The Sons of the San Joaquin are the only singing group alive who I feel sound like the original Sons of the Pioneers" - Roy Rogers

"The Sons sing in a style as wide-open and relaxed as an afternoon loping across Montana" - New York Daily News

"There is not a doubt in my mind that Jack [Hannah] is right up there with Bob Nolan and Stan Jones as one of the greatest Western songwriters in the history of the genre!" - Johnny Western

Roy and Johnny would never lead you wrong. If Western music is your thing, this is the disc you've been looking for. Combining old favorites with stirring new ballads, the Sons have taken their act to a new level.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 There's A Rainbow Over The Range

2 Ridin' Up The Glory Trail

3 Song From Nara Visa
  4 The Famous Long X Brand
  5 Santa Fe Lights
  6 The Ballad Of Joaquin Murrieta

7 Little Cowboy
  8 It's The Open Range For Me

9 A Cowboy's Heart Is In The Saddle
  10 Mexicali Rose

11 The Lord Of The Rollin' Hills
  12 Way Out Yonder

13 Where The Very Same Cottonwoods Grow

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