Sons of the Pioneers - Sing Cowboy Classics

If you had to associate someone with the birth of Western music as we know it today, those people would have to be the Sons of the Pioneers. To create this compilation of their best Cowboy Classics, the original stereo recordings were painstakingly remastered to provide the best fidelity ever. The album plays an hour of good ol' Cowboy tunes like you've never heard them before, and with twenty four tracks, you're only paying $0.79 per song. You can't beat that!

Tracks contained on the CD:
  1 Cimarron

2 Hills Of Old Wyoming
  3 Whoopie-Ti-Yi-Yo

4 Blue Shadows On The Trail

5 Pecos Bill
  6 Along The Navajo Trail
  7 Blue Prairie
  8 Twilight On The Trail
  9 The Cattle Call
  10 Tumbleweed Trail
  11 Dusty Skies
  12 At The Rainbow's End
  13 That Lucky Old Sun
  14 You Are My Eyes
  15 Chant Of The Wanderer
  16 Chant Of The Plains
  17 Way Out There
  18 One More Ride

19 Ridin' Home

20 The Boss Is Hangin' Out A Rainbow
  21 Following The Sun All Day
  22 Yippee-Yi-Yippe-Yo
  23 Buffalo
  24 Tumbling Tumbleweeds

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