Sons of the San Joaquin - Sing One For The Cowboy

Diehard Western music fans were running out of options until the Sons of the San Joaquin came along to breathe new life into the Western scene. This album was an important part of why they have risen to the top in contemporary Western music. There's loads of new Western material on this album, proving that not all great songs have already been written. The Hannah Boys do it all with class, too. An eye is left out for the past, but the other eye looks to the present and the future, just as it should be.

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 Trail To San Antone
  2 Still Water Pool
  3 Charlie And The Boys
  4 Sierra Nevada
  5 Sing One For The Cowboy
  6 Rough String Rider
  7 California

8 Unbroke Hoss
  9 God Gave The Cowboy Montana
  10 Watch Him (Demon Desert)
  11 Texas Plains

12 The West

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