Chris LeDoux - Radio & Rodeo Hits

Chris LeDoux is yet another authentic Cowboy. He got his start in the music business by performing songs live at rodeos that he rode in. In the off season, he would record a new album and it would be set to go by the time he was ready to bust some more broncs. He was the PRCA's 1976 Bareback World Champion and loved to spend his spare time with the family on his ranch in Wyoming. His energetic, unabashedly patriotic performances went on to inspire Country celebrities such as Garth Brooks and Toby Keith.

This album is a collection of Chris' favorites. He never got much radio play, but he built a loyal and dedicated fan base nonetheless.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Cowboy Songs
  2 Seventeen

3 Hooked on an 8 Second Ride
  4 Running Through The Rain
  5 It Ain't The Years, It's The Miles
  6 Blue Bonnet Blues
  7 Wild And Wooly
  8 Hard Times
  9 Just Enough Money, Honey

10 Sons of the Pioneers
  11 So You Want To Be A Cowboy

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Compact Disc

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