R.W. Hampton - Oklahoma...Where The West Remains!

Designed as a celebration of Oklahoma's Centennial, this album chronicles the history of the state. R.W. Hampton's vocals are paired up with the Enid Symphony Orchestra to produce a spectacular album that is true to the Western spirit. The album won the 2008 Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Traditional Western Album from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and you can see why. This is a true traditional Western album, and incorporates instrumentals, talk tracks, and traditional music associated with Oklahoma. We've Taken Bob Back To Tulsa is climbing on the charts and is enjoying success abroad as well. This is an all-star effort, and it shows.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Where The West Remains: Overture
  2 Into The West
  3 Where The West Remains
  4 Before The Journey
  5 The Journey
  6 Run Of The Cherokee Outlet
  7 Native People
  8 Words On Talking Leaves
  9 Keeper Of The Plains
  10 Up The Trail To Kansas
  11 A Cowboy I Will Stay
  12 Wick Doss

13 Wish I'd Stayed In Jail
  14 Cowboys

15 101 Ranch Cowboy
  16 Always The Weather
  17 Dusty Skies
  18 What Beautiful Country

19 Oklahoma Hills
  20 Faith
  21 On Jordan's Stormy Banks
  22 It's Worth Coming Home
  23 Oklahoma Towns
  24 Bob Wills

25 We've Taken Bob Back To Tulsa
  26 Legends & Icons
  27 Will Rogers' Last Flight
  28 The Beauty Of The State
  29 The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma
  30 Freedom Isn't Free

31 For The Freedom
  32 Where The West Remains: Finale
  33 Bonus Track: Where The West Remains: Soliloquy

Item Number: RWH-OK

Compact Disc

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