R.W. Hampton - I Believe

R.W. Hampton just fits out here. With his unique, rich voice, uncompromisingly Western sound, and solid devotion to his ranch in New Mexico, he really is a hand who can sing. This is R.W.'s second Christian album, and he's done a wonderful job with it. It has that Cowboy Church feel to it. It also includes the 2006 Western Music Association Song of the Year, "For The Freedom." God, Country, and Wide Open Spaces...you can't beat that, pard!

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 He Bought My Soul

2 I Believe
  3 How Big Is God
  4 Someone Much Greater Than I

5 This Ole House
  6 Wedding Song (Will You Be Mine)
  7 Until Then

8 For The Freedom
  9 Known Only To Him
  10 The Master's In Everything
  11 Homeward Bound


Compact Disc

Price: $17.95

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