Sons of the San Joaquin - Horses, Cattle and Coyotes

"The Sons of the San Joaquin are the only singing group alive who I feel sound like the original Sons of the Pioneers" - Roy Rogers

If you are looking for the classic Western sound, complete with beautiful harmonies and singing Cowboys, The Sons of the San Joaquin are who you've been looking for. The Hannah boys have a passion for all things western, and the inside jacket of this album is a tribute to the Old West and to people like Roy Rogers. Don't miss out on this tribute to America's greatest folk hero, the Cowboy.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Ridin' Easy With The Sun
  2 Livin' The Life Of The Trail
  3 Land Of Enchantment
  4 Abilene Town
  5 When The Coyotes Come Near

6 Trail Drive
  7 Trilogy For Roy

8 He's Runnin' Out Of Roundups
  9 I Ride Along And Dream
  10 Border Affair
  11 Horses, Cattle and Coyotes
  12 Pale Moon (Over The Bed Ground)
  13 He Just Can't Be Seen From The Road

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