Sons of the San Joaquin - From Whence Came The Cowboy

"The Sons of the San Joaquin are the only singing group alive who I feel sound like the original Sons of the Pioneers" - Roy Rogers

"There is not a doubt in my mind that Jack [Hannah] is right up there with Bob Nolan and Stan Jones as one of the greatest Western songwriters in the history of the genre!" - Johnny Western

Roy and Johnny would never lead you wrong. The Sons of the San Joaquin do a wonderful job. One of their earlier works, this album features top-notch Western ballads backed up by the harmonized vocal talent that the Hannah boys have become known for. Included on this album are "Wyoming On My Mind," the song Charlie Daniels wrote specifically for the Hannahs, and Baxter Black's Cowtown anthem, "Out Where The Cowboys Rope and Ride."

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 Ridin' For The Roundup in the Springtime

2 Wyoming On My Mind
  3 That's Why I'll Never Want To Be Anything But a Cowboy
  4 Cowboy Rough
  5 Prairie Girl (with Mollie O' Brien)
  6 In My Colorado Home

7 Night Herding Song
  8 Whoopi Ti-Yi-Yo

9 From Whence Came The Cowboy

10 Out Where The Cowboys Rope And Ride
  11 Is It Because...

12 Great American Cowboy

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