Michael Martin Murphey - Cowboy Songs III: Rhymes of the Renegades

When people think of Michael Martin Murphey (who also shows up on some of his albums as Michael Murphey), they tend to think of him as a crossover artist and his trademark song "Wildfire". Deep down, however, Mr. Murphey is that same young man who sang the great old cowboy songs around the campfires of the Old Sky Ranch in Lewisville, Texas. He still owns and works a ranch and is very dedicated to the preservation of the songs of the Old West. Rhymes of the Renegades includes a collection of outlaw ballads, coupled with some trusty trail songs and even a few Western bar ballads. Murph has teamed up with his son Ryan for "Roses and Thorns", with Marty Robbins for his classic "Big Iron", and with Chris LeDoux for "Strawberry Roan." Also included are contributions from Hal Ketchum, Bill Miller, and Debbie Nims. There are detailed liner notes that explain the history of the songs, which makes for an interesting read and offers insight into the way things were back when things were much wilder than today. Enjoy!

Tracks contained on the CD:
  1 Big Iron
  2 Rhymes of the Renegades
  3 Riders in the Sky

4 El Paso
  5 Sonora's Death Row
  6 Ballad of Billy The Kid

7 Billy Gray
  8 Roses And Thorns

9 Strawberry Roan
  10 The Wild West Is Gonna Get Wilder
  11 The Ballad of Jesse James
  12 Frank James' Farewell
  13 Cole Younger

14 Belle Star
  15 Queen of Heartaches
  16 Sam Bass
  17 Birmingham Jail

Item Number: MMM-CS3

Compact Disc

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