Cowboy Christmas III

Michael Martin Murphey

The third album in the popular "Cowboy Christmas" Series by Michael Martin Murphey, this album is a mix of classic cowboy poetry and touching new material. The signature piece of this album is, of course, "The Kill Pen," a song Murph co-wrote with his daughter Karen about the APHA broodmare they rescued from a kill pen. It'll have you staring at your boots for a while, but the end is uplifting.

Cowboy Christmas III continues Mr. Murphey's tradition of detailed liner notes, including the whole story behind the new material. Michael's enlisted the help of poets Sarah Rische and Doc Mayer for this album, too. It's a very different take on Cowboy Christmas, and it focuses on the more thoughtful side of what Christmas is really all about.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Are You Going Home For Christmas?
  2 The Old Times Christmas
  3 Draggin' In The Christmas Tree

4 The Kill Pen
  5 Doc's Morning Star Ranch Christmas Trilogy
  6 The Cowboy's Christmas Prayer

7 The Night Before Cowboy Christmas
  8 Riding the River Styx

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Compact Disc

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