R.W. Hampton - Always In My Heart

R.W. Hampton just fits out here. With his unique, rich voice, uncompromisingly Western sound, and solid devotion to his ranch in New Mexico, he really is a hand who can sing. R.W. wrote or co-wrote the bulk of the songs on this album, and it'll sound great next to all your old time Cowboy songs.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 When She Cries, "Don't Go"

2 Adobe Walls

3 Back Home to Lisa
  4 Lily Dale
  5 Cowboy and the Queen
  6 Shelly Winters Love
  7 It's You I'm Missing Most Of All
  8 Bend in the River
  9 When It Rains
  10 For Only Loving You
  11 Blue Spanish Eyes
  12 What Does She See
  13 Whispering Pines
  14 Alberta Rose

Item Number: RWH-HEART

Compact Disc

Price: $17.95

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