Cowboy Christmas Boot Stocking

Ho Ho Ho Y'all

You just couldn't have Cowboy Christmas without the Christmas Boots for stockings. The Texans took the lead on this one, and over time what began as a means of recycling boot scraps has developed into quite an industry. These particular boots are cut from denim and have sheepskin uppers. The front side is embroidered with "Ho Ho Ho Y'all." Santa's all decked out in his hat, coat, and bag, and the little red bows with bells in the middle really make the design pop out at you.

Don't worry one bit about strength, either. In true Cowboy fashion, these little stockings are stitched and double stitched so they can handle those Texas-sized loads of stocking stuffers.

There's nothing like Cowboy Christmas, folks, and everyone's invited.

Item Number: YYY-STK6

Price: $14.95

Only Two Left!

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