The Real Roadrunner

by Martha Anne Maxon, Ph.D

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"A personal, lively account of the life and lore of the roadrunner, icon of the American Southwest." 

- Jerome A. Jackson, Whitaker Eminent Scholar in Science, Florida Gulf Coast University

Despite its popularity and icon status in many parts of America, the roadrunner is one of the least understood birds. Dr. Maxon aims to correct this by providing a thorough and in-depth study of the roadrunner, covering everything from basic physical features to the advanced behavioral patterns exhibited by the bird. Maxon also details and explains the reason for the rapid eastward expansion of the roadrunner's range.

This book contains a number of color photographs, detailed black-and-white illustrations, and line drawings. A valuable research tool, The Real Roadrunner also contains a comprehensive bibliography to aid in further research.

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Hardcover, 124 pages.

Price: $32.95

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