Not Just Another Cowboy

A Tribute to a Vanishing Way of Life

Plus A Diary of a Korean War Veteran

By Susie Mathews


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If you're looking for the story of a real Cowboy, complete with all the twists and turns it comes with, this book's for you. This is the story of Pete Phelps, legendary Arizona Ranch manager, horse breeder, and all around good guy. There's no need to "get western" with this man's story, because it is truly larger than life. In addition to his life as a top-rate puncher and his tenure as manager of the Santa Margarita Ranch, you'll also be treated to his Korean War diary.

The author goes above and beyond, putting forth all the effort one would expect from an adoring niece. Don't miss out on this truly unique story.

Hardcover, 130 pages.

Price: $29.95

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