Great Ranches of the West

by Jim Keen

with Ami Reeves

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Bronze Medal Winner of the 2008 Independent Publisher Awards

Great Ranches of the West is the culmination of a five year project. Comprised of nearly 600 stunning color photographs, this book covers the history and the people of thirty ranches throughout the Western states. Jim has done a wonderful job with this book, capturing Western ranch life in all its dimensions.

Every month, 1000 ranches go out of production, and America comes ever closer to becoming a net importer of food. It is the national security issue that nobody wants to talk about, and that is before one considers the damage that is occurring in rural Western communities as a result of this trend that has mistakenly been tagged as progress. This book aims to educate the public on the Western ranchlands in an unimposing and enjoyable manner, and in our opinion, it does a fine job of that. There is no shortage of praise for this book, as demonstrated below:

"An eye opening and heart touching portrait of a culture and industry that is in great danger of being lost. This book will help readers understand the urgency of preserving the Western ranchlands, made up of families and rural communities, that provide nourishing food for our nation, preserve a healthy natural environment, and entrust that great American values will endure."

 - Mike Callicrate, Cattle Producer and founder of Ranch Foods Direct

"One of the things that makes a ranch great is its history. Jim Keen has done a crackerjack job of picking out stories from the past that shed light on the present. The combination of the history with his award winning photography makes for a stunning book."

- Tom "Dr. Colorado" Noel, Professor of History, University of Colorado - Denver

"The beautiful images in The Great Ranches of the West convey solitude, hard work and harsh conditions. They transport the viewer to a vanishing part of our history."

 - Colleen Fanning, Art Program Manager, Denver International Airport

You can Read a Sample Chapter of the book Free of Charge (796Kb, Requires Adobe Reader).

Hardcover, 228 Pages.

This book was printed in Canada on high quality gloss stock at the specific request of the author, who refused to let it be printed overseas. True to the code, Mr. Keen's principles are not for sale, and we appreciate that dimension of his work as well.

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