Tales of BS Scruggs

by Tamara Hillman


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When a young Hollywood mogul wrecks his car while traversing the Texas prairie, it is up to an old Cowpoke named Bull (BS) Scruggs to get the young man's life back on track. Ride along as things go from bumpy to downright hilarious as two worlds collide in the small town of Cobalt, Texas. This is a modern-day Western novel with all the trimmings from a Cowboy Poetess on top of her game.

Tamara Hillman does not get her inspiration from Western Movies when it comes to Cowboy Poetry. Born and raised in a small town in Washington state, she was in the company of real American Cowboys. You can find articles by the author in Country and Reminisce magazines regarding the ranch lifestyle and the challenges that come with it.

Tamara has appeared at the Wickenburg Cowboy Christmas gathering. If you enjoy Cowboy Poetry and the culture that goes with it, you have probably been exposed to her work. Don't miss out on a novel by one of the masters.

Autographed Copy.

Price: $14.95

Paperback, 195 pages.

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