Arizona Concealed Carry Class

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

8 AM to 6PM

At the Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club

Constellation Road, Wickenburg

􀂾 Learn basic handgun safety

􀂾 Laws pertaining to firearms & deadly force

􀂾 Weapon manipulation & marksmanship

􀂾 Judgmental shooting

To qualify for an Arizona CCW permit under ARS 13-3112, you must:

􀂾 Be a United States citizen, a resident alien (valid green card) is ok.

􀂾 Be 21 years of age or older

􀂾 Not be under indictment for and have never been convicted of a felony

􀂾 Not suffer from mental illness and never have been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution

􀂾 Not be unlawfully present in the United States

􀂾 Satisfactorily complete the 8-hour firearms safety-training program approved by the AZ Dept. Of Public Safety.

What to bring: Gun, holster & belt (REQUIRED), 10 rounds of ammunition to qualify. It is advised to bring extra ammo. (FACTORY AMUNITION ONLY NO RELOADS), eye and ear protection. Also bring drinking water, non-alcoholic beverages, & snacks. You may bring your lunch or restaurants are close by. NO LOADED FIREARMS ARE PERMITTED IN ANY TRAINING AREA UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUIRED BY THE INSTRUCTOR.

$ 99.00 for 8-hour class (Includes required finger printing and range fees.) In addition to the class fee, a $60 cashiers check or money order made payable to Arizona Dept. of Public Safety is required when you submit your application in order to process your 5-year CCW permit. Do not send the payment to DPS in with your class registration. You will mail this in with your application and fingerprint card, which you will be given in class.

Registration: Method of Payment Make checks payable to: FreedomWorks USA. Mail to address below. Registration must be made in advance. Space is limited.

Learn More, or pay online, at the FreedomWorks Website

Download a Registration Form to Mail In

Getting to Constellation Road

From US Highway 60 (Grand Avenue / Wickenburg Way), turn at the New Frontier Restaurant and head North on El Recreo Drive (The Road Sign at the Corner also says "Rodeo Arena" on top). Cross the Cattle Grate and head down Constellation Road about six tenths of a mile up the road on your right. There's a barn red sign that clearly says "Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club" where you need to turn.


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