How Our Online Store Works

We have tried to pattern our web store after our brick and mortar facility as much as possible. In an effort to offer our web shoppers as many items as possible, we conduct web sales through two different venues - Shopping Carts and E-mail Based Sales. Both types of sales are processed by the same agency and are guaranteed to be secure. A Structure of each is shown below.

Step 1: Customers visit the store and find an item they want to purchase.

Shopping Cart (Traditional) Web Sales

This is for items that we can easily reorder and keep in our inventory.

Their purchase button looks like this:


E-mail Based Sales

This is for items that are one of a kind, and includes most jewelry and Indian artifacts.

Step 2: Items are added to your shopping cart. Step 2: The customer is directed to a contact form, where they supply a name, physical address, and email address. We receive the request as an email.
Step 3: The customer finishes shopping and proceeds to secure checkout. Step 3: We make sure that the item is available and calculate freight.

If the item is still available, the customer receives a price quote.

If the item is not currently available, the customer will receive notification.

We try very hard to avoid disappointing our customers. We have never had a backorder or an unavailable response yet on gallery items!

 No reply will take more than one business day.

Step 4: The customer's cart is sent to a secure processing agency where credit card or PayPal information is submitted. Step 4: The customer decides whether or not to proceed with the sale.
Step 5: The customer receives notification of payment received and a receipt via email. We receive the customer's order via email. Step 5: If the customer decides to proceed, we create an invoice and email it to the customer.
Step 5a: The customer receives the invoice. The invoice contains a link for secure payment, and the customer is directed to our secure processing agency where credit card or PayPal information is submitted.
Step 6: We package and ship the order. Tracking information is added to the sales slip and emailed to the customer for convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Your checkout page looks like it requires a PayPal account to complete my order. Do I need a PayPal account to finish it?

A: No. Just click "Continue" off to the side and you will be taken to a Credit Card Entry Page. For More Details, click here.

Q: I saw an item for sale while I was at your store, but I cannot find it on the web store. Can you still ship it to me?

A: Provided we still have it in stock, we can ship it to you. All you need is an internet connection and an email address. We'll even take pictures of items for you so you can verify it's what you want.

Q: What if some items are E-mail Sales and others are in my shopping cart? Can I do both?

A: You will not lose your shopping cart if you make an E-mail sales inquiry. You will have to go through separate checkouts, however.

Q:  Can I request items that have an "Add to Cart" button via e-mail so I only have to check out once?

A: Absolutely. Please have the item numbers handy so we can ship your order out as quickly as we can.

Q: I am a small business owner and have a UPS or FedEx Account. Can you bill my freight directly to my UPS account?

A: We're more than happy to bill freight charges to third parties. You will be assessed a handling fee to cover the packaging costs, however.

Q: I filled out an submitted an email inquiry from the "Arrange Sale" button and have not received a reply. What is going on?

A: Please make sure that our reply did not wind up in your Spam Folder. This is not uncommon with large scale Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as America Online. If we don't hear back from a customer and the product is in stock, we will usually send a second response within two or three business days just to make sure.

Q: I received my email invoice, but I cannot find a link to click on to pay it! Help!

A: Once again, many large scale ISPs will prevent portions of messages from working if they think it is spam. There is usually a security button somewhere in the email program that will allow you to enable the link. Otherwise, do a search in the program help for "Enabling Hyperlinks".

Thank you for your interest in our store. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate our customers, and we want to make the sales experience the best it can be for you.

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