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The Old Livery Mercantile, Inc, was founded in 1993. The business draws its name from the building in which it is located. The building, which was built before the turn of the twentieth century, was a Horse Livery. It has always been known as the Old Livery Stables.

A portion of the original walls are still visible in a portion of the storage area. The Old Livery Stables were constructed in the late 1800s.

Today, the Old Livery encompasses over 3100 square feet of show floors and nearly the same square footage in storage area, and the store is still located in the former Old Livery Stables.

Many things have changed over the years. The horses have left the stables, the town was electrified, and today the store features all the modern amenities. The business changed hands in November 2005, and is now run by the Gerasim Family.

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